Our Brands

Take a look at our headline acts.

Square Pie

The original Gourmet Pie company, founded in 2001, it started life on a market stall and grew into the leading brand that it has become today. Widely available throughout the UK.


Eternally delicious, golden froxen Halloumi fries that are gluten free and packed with protein! Our easy to prepare and perfect to share dish. Come and Join the Hallouminati.

Nantwich Cheese

Nantwich Cheese Black Label is our flagship brand developed from the core principle of, "cheese eating, an experience to be savoured."


Our Giovanni’s Italian Cheese range is made using only the finest cheeses sourced from a close circle of expert cheese makers, our Mozzarella is 100% pure and can also be pre mixed with our expert sourced cheddar cheese.


Our Dairyfields range is perfect for catering, food service and manufacturing industries as its products are scientifically engineered to perform the same way, every time, guaranteed.