Nantwich Cheese

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Nantwich Cheese

Nantwich Cheese Black Label is our flagship brand developed from the core principle of, "cheese eating, an experience to be savoured."

We are that confident in our products that we’ve put our name to them. All crafted from our main production centre using only the very finest ingredients sourced from across the globe we loveingly create these products by utilising the latest technology which is coupled with the long established traditions of our craft.

The brand was designed by a word leading packaging designer, who worked closely with our marketing department to develop something ahead of the crowd.

The brand delivers the company’s values of quality and freshness by adopting a rustic feel for its design taking inspriation from farm shops, farmers markets and village stores of years gone by, the main label has taken its lead from a blackboard, with white chalk style text to deliver the hand crafted message.

A series of emotive illustrations were also designed specifically for the brand and can be seen throughout the range to inject product personality.

Since the launch of our Nantwich Cheese range of products, we have expanded the range a number of times to include a full offering of both wholesale and retail products, originally starting with a small selection, this has now grown to be our best selling brand emcompassing just some of these products;

  • Retail Blended Cheese
  • Retail Blended Sliced Cheddar
  • Retail Cheddar
  • Grated Cheeses
  • Sliced Cheeses
  • Wholesale Products

Although this is a young brand, its hit the market in a big way, scooping a number of prestigious awards in its first year from winning 3 International Cheese Awards to a Cream award for its brand concept.

We’ve been able to secure this success by building an effective launch campaign and by ensuring only the high standards of sourcing are used when selecting products to carry our name.

Our cheese experts work with only a handful of cheese producers and never compromise on the quality or taste of our cheese used to produce these award winning products.

On top of these high standards, we only use Cheese that has been produced using British Milk. This effort contributes toward our commitment to aid the British Milk industry and Farmers and stimulates growth within our own economy.