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Our Dairyfields range is perfect for catering, food service and manufacturing industries as its products are scientifically engineered to perform the same way, every time, guaranteed.

Its a buyers dream as it offers a benchmarked product with controlled quality factors including perfect melt at a price that isnt impacted by rising dairy prices. When purchasing a Dairyfields product you can be sure that you’re getting the same product time and time again due to its unique make up.

The range consists of;

  • Dairyfields Mild Grated
  • Dairyfields Mild Block
  • Dairyfields Mild Slices
  • Dairyfields Burger Slices – Coming soon
  • Dairyfields Pizza Grate
  • Dairyfields Spread – Coming Soon

It offers great flavour, functionality and convenience mixed with outstanding value. An industry favourite for Salads, Sandwiches and Ready Meals, its perfect for past and pizza, great for gratins, supurb in sandwiches and salads and spot on for sauces. Dairyfields is both a buyers and a chefs best friend.